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Cooling Disc by Rosin Technologies

Rosin Cooling Disc


  • Product Overview
  • Specifications
  • Cooling Discs by Rosin Technologies help aid the Rosin Technician by shortening the oil’s heat retention after extraction. Flash cooling your rosin after pressing helps to preserve terpenes and retain flavor. These powder-coated steel discs will cool your extraction; even at room temperature.

  • Cooling Discs Features
    Made from Steel
    Large round cooling surface
    Gray Powder Coat Finish
    Two piece design with handle
    Diameter: 6.00 inches
    Made in USA

    How To Use
    After pressing your material with a Rosin Press, immediately place the parchment paper containing your fresh pressed Rosin between the cooling discs. This will shorten the oils heat retention time after pressing. For even faster results, pre-cool the discs by placing them in a fridge before use.